Macs Cue 2
Sound effects playback for Mac OS X
Version 2.1.0


Multichannel output
Up to 64 channels out
Combine output devices
(e.g. 2 iMics plus built-in output = 6 channels)
Set volume in dB
Volume settings are in dB, with log-taper faders
Unlimited control of volume and pan within cues
"Rubber-band" control of volume and pan within a cue
Start or stop any (or all) cues from anywhere within a cue
Create unlimited start and stop events in each cue
Silent cues
Start and stop other cues at any time
Attach text notes to cues

Macs Cue lets you play sound cues using any Mac computer.

Why Macs Cue?

Other features

New in version 2.1.0


Macs Cue is (still!) just $20. Unregistered versions are fully functional except that a short bit of silence is inserted every 15 seconds or so. This should allow you to evaluate the program during sound design and rehearsal. If you have any older version, Macs Cue 2 is a free update.

System requirements