Macs Cue 2
Sound effects playback for Mac OS X
Version 2.1.0

Editing and playback controls all in one window.

Use up to 64 channels for output. Select pairs of channels just as on a mixing board.

Combine output devices for more channels. Use placeholders to design at home and then connect to the actual devices when you get to the theatre.

Faders are calibrated in dB, from +10 to -∞, using the profile from classic analog boards.

Set keyframes and "rubber-bands" to control volume and pan as the cue plays.

Start and stop other cues from directly in the playing cue. No confusing groups and delays to figure out; just drag the event where you want it.

Use silent cues to start or stop others with fixed timing (fading out if desired).

Attach text notes to cues. Notes can include styles, fonts, and colors.